Multimedia Products
  • USB and AVRCP wireless audio streaming
  • Bluetooth handsfree, receive calls safely in vehicle with speech guidance
  • Connect the phone to your car via Bluetooth and USB
  • Download phone books, phone history and manage contacts
  • Listen internet radio at your car from any cell phone
  • Navigate songs from your phone with the head unit interface
  • Unlock the screen, watch video and navigate large playlists
  • State of the art designs and robust in car installation for performance
  • US Patented USB plug installed at the cigarette lighter or glove box
  • Direct phone integration with latest Bluetooth technology
  • Audio post-processing: SRS WOW, Digital 6-band EQ, Bass Boost
  • Decoding MP3, MP3Pro, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, MPEG, iTunes parser
  • Flash media device integration via USB
  • iGhost Protocol - The ultimate privacy vault
Consumer Products
  • Alcohol Testers for Entertainment and Evidentiary
  • Smart Energy Metering
  • Worldwide POS Telemetry


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